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  •       S7-200 freeport example       Add Date:2009-07-14 17:34:58 Language:English Count:5358      

    Dim Address_R As String Dim Address_W As String Dim Address_B As String Dim ReadPlc As Boolean Dim Lenth As Double Dim SetLenth As Double Dim Bit As String Dim Instruction As Byte Private Sub Combo1_Click () Select Case Combo1. Text Case IB...

  •       S7-200 Communication with VisualBasic via PPI       Add Date:2009-07-14 17:28:08 Language:English Count:5215      

    recently to do a project, the use of S7-200 , but not a great amount of data exchange, and WINCC feel compared to waste, so wanted to be their own monitoring software, on the thought of using VB programming to call w95_s7.dll dynamic-link d...

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